The Kentucky Division of Abandoned Mine Lands Puts Scenic Railway and Region’s Tourist Economy Back on Track

After an inspection found several hundred feet of sunken track in 2019, the Big South Fork Scenic Railway temporarily shut down. This not only disappointed riders but impacted the region’s tourism dollars. Now, with funding and design work from Kentucky’s Division of Abandoned Mine Lands, it’s full steam ahead.

How the Kentucky Division of Water Helped Secure Water for a Growing Population

Prompted by the projected population growth in Warren County and Bowling Green, and the potential for limited water supplies, the Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) and Bowling Green Municipal Utilities (BGMU) have carried out a plan to provide a more reliable water supply to accommodate growth while balancing competing uses and water quality standards.

Division of Waste Management Joins Multi-state Effort to Remove Tires from the Tug Fork River

A dozen members from the Energy and Environment Cabinet’s Division of Waste Management Field Operations Branch and Recycling and Local Assistance Branch helped local volunteers from Friends of the Tug Fork River, AmeriCorps, West Virginia’s Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP), and Williamson Parks and Recreation Commission remove about 500 used tires in the eastern Kentucky Appalachian community of South Williamson. 

AML Pilot Projects Saving Lives in Eastern Kentucky, Creating Healthier Communities

Three Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Pilot program grants will soon ease many of the challenges eastern Kentuckians face to receive advanced medical care.

The projects will have an immediate impact on families locally and in the surrounding region. The economic boost will not only create jobs, but it will remove the barriers to quality health care, which too many eastern Kentuckians face.