GALLERY: Kentucky’s Champion Trees

A forester poses with the trunk of a national champion Sassafras tree in Daviess County. Photo courtesy of the Division of Forestry.

When Kentuckians think of “national champions,” they typically think of basketball.

But did you know that Kentucky’s trees also have their fair share of national titles?

Since 1940, American Forests, a Washington, D.C.-based conservation organization, has maintained the National Registry of Champion Trees, which recognizes the largest specimen of various species of tree in the U.S.

Kentucky is currently home to nine national champion trees, including a Sassafras in Daviess County that has maintained its place on the registry since 1954.

Check out this photo gallery to learn more about Kentucky’s champion trees. If you think you have a national champion tree on your property, you can learn how to nominate it here.

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